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Leather Patches

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Size / Qty 50 100 250 500 750 1000 1500 2000 2500 2500+ more
2" $5.75 $4.25 $2.00 $1.32 $1.01 $0.95 $0.84 $0.69 $0.62 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote
2.5" $5.77 $4.46 $2.12 $1.42 $1.09 $1.01 $0.88 $0.75 $0.69 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote
3" $5.93 $4.72 $2.43 $1.75 $1.46 $1.22 $1.05 $0.91 $0.80 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote
3.5" $6.70 $4.88 $3.00 $2.11 $1.77 $1.64 $1.43 $1.05 $0.95 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote
4" $6.78 $5.01 $3.62 $2.48 $2.06 $1.93 $1.68 $1.35 $1.14 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote
4.5" $7.40 $5.78 $4.46 $2.95 $2.44 $2.28 $2.00 $1.59 $1.35 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote
5" $7.80 $6.53 $5.20 $3.36 $2.80 $2.62 $2.28 $1.81 $1.53 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote
5.5" $8.85 $7.23 $5.51 $4.01 $3.20 $2.99 $2.62 $2.07 $1.75 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote
6" $9.62 $7.95 $5.91 $4.40 $3.73 $3.52 $3.09 $2.30 $1.94 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote
6.5" $11.17 $9.73 $6.53 $4.70 $4.11 $3.90 $3.22 $2.54 $2.15 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote
7" $12.44 $11.49 $7.58 $5.44 $4.53 $4.44 $3.69 $2.95 $2.48 For the best pricing on quantities over , contact us for a special quote

Leather patches are made from polyurethane faux leather — eco-friendly, durable, and soft. These are manufactured by embossing or stitching basic designs onto leather backings. Best for designs with limited colors, our leather patches are also ideal for clothing labels, sewing patchwork, bags, wallets, purses, and more!

Available Sizes

In Centimeters: 5.08cm up to 17.78cm

You only have to follow 6 easy steps to get your order customized. 1. Choose your patch backing. 2. Select patch shape. 3. Select embroidery level, 50%, 75% or 100%. 4. Select border style, Merrowed or Hot Cut. 5. Input quantity and customize your patch. You have an option to upload your artwork. Click ""Browse"", it will route you to your files to select your favorite picture or you can select ""Email my Artwork Later"" from the drop-down menu if the image is not available yet. It will let you continue with the order without an attachment. You can send the file at sales@custompatchfactory.com once your artwork becomes available. 6. Select the delivery date. Then you can proceed to Add to Cart to enter your shipping information and payment method. Click submit and the confirmation email with your order number will be sent to you right away, and you're all set!
It's free shipping via FedEx unless you want it on an earlier date.
You can still continue placing the order if your artwork isn't available yet. Just select "Email my Artwork" from the dropdown menu and send the artwork to us whenever it's available at sales@custompatchfactory.com.
We don't just give a discount for first-time customers, you can always have the 10% off every time you place an order! Just use SAVE10 coupon code upon checkout.
You can pay using credit cards, debit cards, checks, and even PayPal.
The easiest way to make a payment is by clicking the Proof Approval Link. Once you approve the proof, the system will route you to our payment page. You can also call or chat with our friendly customer service associate to assist you with the payment.
Pay Later option will allow you to checkout without payment and no obligation to order. The system will not ask you to enter any bank account information as you checkout. All orders under this option are considered priority order in which the proof will be sent to you within 30 minutes after the order was placed. Our designers are ready to modify the proof as much as you want until we hit the mark of your desired design. You have an option to cancel the order under a pay later option if you didn't like the proof.
We have plenty of reasons why customers opted to have us to produce their orders. We have rapid production time, rich in experience and professional business, experienced and friendly customer service, and strong after-sales service, ensuring the rights of the customers.
You will be notified via email once the order has been shipped which includes the tracking number.
For most items, it will need only 3-5 days when in a rush. Depending on your items, our sales will check the schedule and get the fastest production time for you.
Our prices are always the lowest in the market for custom patches. Rest assured that there will be no other companies in the market that can provide the lowest price and fastest turnaround time.
Certainly! Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. To achieve total customer satisfaction, we will do our best to understand our customer's requirements and meet those specifications at all times. You can send your artwork at sales@custompatchfactory.com. The proof will be sent to you within an hour. We can make changes or adjustments until you are satisfied enough and ready to place your order.
We do not knowingly reproduce copyrighted material and will not accept liability for such infringement when reproducing orders. You are solely responsible for ensuring the artwork you submit does not infringe on property rights by obtaining proper permission for the reproduction of logos, trademarks and copyrighted material.
No. This is the reason why we are sending you proofs for your approval before we start the production. Approving the proof means that you agree with the design, colors, textures, etc.
The standard turn around time in receiving your refund is 3-5 business days. It is processed immediately but the financial institution may hold the fund for a couple of days before it's officially posted.
When an error has been confirmed made by our production staff, we will process the remake exactly as how you originally requested minus any errors that we made at no extra cost.
It takes 5-7 business days to get your order delivered to your doorstep.
Production time refers to the period it takes to make your custom patch order in our production facility. The time is based on business days, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
You can always reach out to our Live Customer Service Associate via phones, emails, and chats to check the status of our order.
Yes. Our friendly Customer Service is available 24/7 via live chat. It’s just at the bottom right side of your screen. You can also call us at (855) 856-4070 or (281) 533-8932 for further assistance or email us at sales@custompatchfactory.com
We have expert designers who can definitely assist you in creating an artwork. Just provide your instructions on the box provided at Step 5. A proof will still be sent to you which requires your approval before we start the production.
The material that we used for our Leather Patches is Polyurethane faux leather, which is eco-friendly, durable, and soft.
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Step 1 Select Patch Style

Leather Patches - Imprint Now - CA
Leather Patches
11 sizes available
Embroidered Patches - Imprint Now - CA
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Embroidered Patches
23 sizes available
3D Embroidered Patches - Imprint Now - CA
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3D Embroidered Patches
23 sizes available
Woven Patches - Imprint Now - CA
Woven Patches
23 sizes available
Printed Patches - Imprint Now - CA
Printed Patches
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Chenille Patches - Imprint Now - CA
Chenille Patches
18 sizes available
PVC Patches - Imprint Now - CA
PVC Patches
13 sizes available
Multi Color Chenille Patch - Imprint Now - CA
Multi Color Chenille Patch
31 sizes available
Brush Chenille Patch - Imprint Now - CA
Brush Chenille Patch
3 sizes available
Embroidery + Printed Patch - Imprint Now - CA
Embroidery + Printed Patch
21 sizes available
Sharp-Angled 3D Patches - Imprint Now - CA
Sharp-Angled 3D Patches
21 sizes available
Embroidered Chenille Patches - Imprint Now - CA
Embroidered Chenille Patches
18 sizes available
Printed Embroidery Patch - Imprint Now - CA
Printed Embroidery Patch
21 sizes available
Woven Labels - Imprint Now - CA
Woven Labels
5 sizes available
Printed Care Labels - Imprint Now - CA
Printed Care Labels
2 sizes available
Denim Patch - Imprint Now - CA
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Denim Patch
23 sizes available
Heat Transfer Patches - Imprint Now - CA
Heat Transfer Patches
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3D Silicone Patches - Imprint Now - CA
3D Silicone Patches
13 sizes available
Flock Patches - Imprint Now - CA
Flock Patches
17 sizes available
Sequin Patches - Imprint Now - CA
Sequin Patches
21 sizes available
Bullion Patches - Imprint Now - CA
Bullion Patches
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Embroidery Button Pins - Imprint Now - CA
Embroidery Button Pins
2 sizes available
Glow 3D Embroidery Patch - Imprint Now - CA
Most Popular
Glow 3D Embroidery Patch
21 sizes available
One Color TPU - Imprint Now - CA
One Color TPU
13 sizes available
Tatami Fabric Silicone Patch - Imprint Now - CA
Tatami Fabric Silicone Patch
13 sizes available
Full Color TPU - Imprint Now - CA
Full Color TPU
13 sizes available

Step 2 Select Patch Backing

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Plain Backing
Plain Backing - Imprint Now - CA
Iron on Backing
Iron on Backing - Imprint Now - CA
Single Velcro
Single Velcro - Imprint Now - CA
Double Velcro
Double Velcro - Imprint Now - CA

Step 3 Select Patch Shape

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Custom Shape
Custom Shape - Imprint Now - CA
Square - Imprint Now - CA
Circle - Imprint Now - CA
Diamond - Imprint Now - CA
Triangle - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 5
Shape 5 - Imprint Now - CA
Horizontal Rectangle
Horizontal Rectangle - Imprint Now - CA
Vertical Rectangle
Vertical Rectangle - Imprint Now - CA
Horizontal Oval
Horizontal Oval - Imprint Now - CA
Vertical Oval
Vertical Oval - Imprint Now - CA
Cupcake Shape
Cupcake Shape - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 11
Shape 11 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 12
Shape 12 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 13
Shape 13 - Imprint Now - CA
Rainbow - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 15
Shape 15 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 16
Shape 16 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 17
Shape 17 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 18
Shape 18 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 19
Shape 19 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 20
Shape 20 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 21
Shape 21 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 22
Shape 22 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 23
Shape 23 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 24
Shape 24 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 25
Shape 25 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 26
Shape 26 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 27
Shape 27 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 28
Shape 28 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 29
Shape 29 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 30
Shape 30 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 31
Shape 31 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 32
Shape 32 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 33
Shape 33 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 34
Shape 34 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 35
Shape 35 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 36
Shape 36 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 37
Shape 37 - Imprint Now - CA
Shape 38
Shape 38 - Imprint Now - CA

Step 4 Select Printing Method

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Debossed - Imprint Now - CA
Debossed and filled with black
Debossed and filled with black - Imprint Now - CA
Imprinted - Imprint Now - CA

Step 5 Select Patch Outline

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Without Debossed Outline
Without Debossed Outline - Imprint Now - CA
With Debossed Outline
With Debossed Outline - Imprint Now - CA
Horizontal Debossed Outline
Horizontal Debossed Outline - Imprint Now - CA
Vertical Debossed Outline
Vertical Debossed Outline - Imprint Now - CA

Step 6 Select Leather Color

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Black - Imprint Now - CA
Brown - Imprint Now - CA
Chocolate - Imprint Now - CA
Dark Brown
Dark Brown - Imprint Now - CA
Dark Gray
Dark Gray - Imprint Now - CA
Light Gray
Light Gray - Imprint Now - CA
Maroon - Imprint Now - CA
Navy Blue
Navy Blue - Imprint Now - CA
Orange - Imprint Now - CA
Yellow - Imprint Now - CA
White - Imprint Now - CA
Cream - Imprint Now - CA

Step 7 Select Leather Material

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Genuine Leather
Genuine Leather - Imprint Now - CA
PU - Imprint Now - CA

Step 9 Customize Your Patch

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Customize Your Patch

Note: This is just a sample preview. Art Team will review your order and send a final design for review before production starts. If any special requirements then you can mention in comment section.

Before we start your order, we will send a free visual image of your customized patch.

Determining the size of your custom patch is simple. Input your desired sizing below and we will automatically calculate it for you.
Please note: We will round up the measurement to the nearest half-inch!
Min Width - 2", Max Width - 8"
Min Height - 2", Max Height - 6"

Your Patch Size: 0.00

Please select a font color.
At least 1 artwork file required with selection with Upload My ArtWork.
Preferred File Type for Better Quality Product: AI, EPS, PSD, PDF
Your message is saved successfully.
Note - For patches with Single Velcro Backing, individual polybags will be used to prevent damage to the hooks.

Step 10 Choose Your Guaranteed Delivery Date

Please Enter Qty Above to See Delivery Date Options.

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